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Title: Genetic diffentiation between Vietnamese chicken breeds and chicken populations from differents
Authors: Ngo, Thi Kim Cuc
Weigend, Steffen
Keywords: Genetic differentiation
Vietnamese local chicken
Unique alleles
Issue Date: 2018
Series/Report no.: Journal of Animal Science and Technology;Vol. 83 .- P.02-14
Abstract: The project aims at assessing genetic diversity between Vietnamese local chicken breeds and other chicken breeds from various continents and analyzing genetic relationship between them A total of 43 chicken breeds was genotyping using 29 Microsatellite markers. The result showed that the gene pool of Vietnamese local chickens had 26 unique alleles. Within genetic variability of Vietnamese local chicken was high compared to other chicken group except for Vietnamese exotic breeds of Chinese origin. The Vietnamese local populations closely clustered with the Red Jungle fowl population and one Chinese native breed but separated with clusters of other native Chinese and Europcan breeds, with the African cluster in the middle. Clustering of 43 populations also revealed correspond to known breed history and geographical distribution in which Vietnamese chickens are more closely related to Red Jungle fowl populations than the Chinese breeds. This study suggested that gene flow between Vietnamese local chickens and wild ancestors could occurred.
ISSN: 1859-0802
Appears in Collections:Khoa học Công nghệ Chăn nuôi (Journal of Animal Science and Technology)

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