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Title: Genetic variation of pharmacogenes
Authors: Vu, Phuong Nhung
Nguyen, Dang Ton
Nong, Van Hai
Nguyen, Hai Ha
Keywords: Adverse drug reactions
Next generation sequencing
Personalized medicine
Issue Date: 2020
Series/Report no.: Tạp chí Công nghệ Sinh học;Số 18(3) .- Tr.417-423
Abstract: Patient specific response against a particular drug could be affected by various factors, in which genetic factors are the most crucial contributor. The genetic variability in pharmacogenes might result in variable drug response of individuals, which in turn can lead to unexpected treatment outcomes or even adverse drug reactions. The pharmacogenes include of genes that encode for several proteins which divided into 3 main functional categories: drug metabolizing enzymes, drug transporters and receptor-drug targets. Genetic variants of genes coding for drug metabolizing enzymes phase 1 (CYP450), phase II (GSTs, UGT, TPMT) as well as drug transporters (ABC. SLCO) of numerous populations in global have been extensively studied. Among these, SNPs are the major contributor behind variants of pharmacogenes along with copy number variants. Furthermore, the clinical impact on drug response of common variants belonging to several important pharmacogenes has been well understood.
ISSN: 1811-4989
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