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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20163,4-seco-28-Nor-oleanane triterpenes from Camellia japonica protect from neurotoxicity in a rotenone model of Parkinson’s diseaseSeo, Ji Yeon; Hà, Thị Kim Quy; Kim, Hyunju; Yang, Jun Li; Oh, Won Keun; Park, Junsoo; Dhodary, Basanta
2017Anthraquinones from Morinda longissima and their insulin mimetic activities via AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) activationPhi, Hung Nguyen; Hà, Thị Kim Quy; Oh, Won-Keun; Williams, Darren R.; Jung, Da-Woon; Choi, Hong Seok; Seo, Ji Yeon; Yang, Jun-Li
2016Antiviral activities of compounds from aerial parts of Salvia plebeia R. BrBang, Sunghee; Hà, Thị Kim Quy; Shim, Sang Hee; Oh, Won-Keun; Li, Wei; Lee, Changyeol
2017Antiviral escin derivatives from the seeds of Aesculus turbinata Blume (Japanese horse chestnut)Kim, Ji Won; Hà, Thị Kim Quy; Oh, Won Keun; Shim, Sang Hee; Kim, Eunhee; Cho, Hyomoon; Yang, Jun-Li
2015Antiviral Indolosesquiterpenoid Xiamycins C–E from a Halophilic ActinomyceteKim, Seong-Hwan; Hà, Thị Kim Quy; Oh, Won Keun; Oh, Dong-Chan; Shin, Jongheon
2016Antiviral phenolics from the leaves of Cleistocalyx operculatusHà, Thị Kim Quy; Kim, Eunhee; Oh, Won Keun; Cho, Tae Oh; Kim, Jiwon; Dao, Trong Tuan
2016Chemical constituents from Melicope pteleifolia leavesNguyen, Ngoc Hieu; Hà, Thị Kim Quy; Vu, Tien Chinh; Tran, The Bach; Lee, Chul Ho; Eum, Sangmi; Choi, Sangho; Oh, Won Keun
2016Discovery of inhibitory materials against PEDV corona virus from medicinal plantsYang, Jun-Li; Hà, Thị Kim Quy; Oh, Won Keun
2015In vitro antituberculosis activity of diterpenoids from the Vietnamese medicinal plant Croton tonkinensisJang, Woong Sik; Hà, Thị Kim Quy; Jyoti, Md. Anirban; Kim, Sukyung; Nam, Kung-Woo; Oh, Won Keun; Song, Ho-Yeon
2018Insulin Mimetic Activity of 3,4-Seco and Hexanordammarane Triterpenoids Isolated from Gynostemma longipesPham, Ha Thanh Tung; Hà, Thị Kim Quy; Lee, Ba Wool
2015Jubanines F–J, cyclopeptide alkaloids from the roots of Ziziphus jujubaKang, Kyo Bin; Hà, Thị Kim Quy; Ming, Gao; Kim, Geum Jin; Cho, Hyukjae; Oh, Won Keun; Sung, Sang Hyun
2016Microwave assisted synthesis and cytotoxic activity evaluations of new benzimidazole derivativesBùi, Thị Bửu Huê; Hà, Thị Kim Quy; Mai, Văn Hiếu; Tran, Thi Loan; Tran, Phuong Thao; Pham, Canh Em; Tu, Thi Kim Cuc; Nguyen, Tram Yen Chau; Vo, Duc Duy; Oh, Won Keun
2016Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B Inhibitors from the Stems of Akebia quinataAn, Jin-Pyo; Hà, Thị Kim Quy; Oh, Won Keun; Cho, Tae Oh; Kim, Jinwoong
2017PTP1B inhibitors from the seeds of Iris sanguinea and their insulin mimetic activities via AMPK and ACC phosphorylationYang, Jun Li; Hà, Thị Kim Quy; Oh, Won Keun; Lee, Ba Wool; Kim, Jinwoong
2017Reserpine treatment activates AMP activated protein kinase (AMPK)Park, Rackhyun; Hà, Thị Kim Quy; Park, Junsoo; Jang, Minsu; Lee, Kang Il; Oh, Won Keun; Kim, Hyunju
2015Three new coumarins from Saposhnikovia divaricata and their porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) inhibitory activityYang, Jun Li; Hà, Thị Kim Quy; Oh, Won Keun; Kim, Jinwoong; Kim, Eunhee