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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A analysis of the impact of financial management on financial performance in listed companies on the stock market in VietnamLe, Thi My Phuong
2020A blockchain-based access control solution for loTHuynh, Thanh Tam; Nguyên, Dinh Thuc; Tan Hanh
2020A boosting classification approach based on somNguyên, Hoa Dinh
2018A branch and bound algorithm for workflow schedulingPhan, Thanh Toan; Nguyen, The Loc
2020A Brief on the intersection between climate change impacts and asylum and refugee seekers' incarceration on Manus Island, Papua New GuineaBino, Robert
2021A case study of grinding coarse 5 mm particles into sand grade particles less than 2.36 mmReed, Aaron; Koroznikova, Larissa; Khandelwal, Manoj
2018A case study of phytoplankton used as a biological index for water quality assessment of Nhu Y river, Thua Thien - HueLe, Thi Trang; Luong, Quang Doc; Vo, Thi Thu Ha; Nguyen, Van Tu
2021A categorification of the Ribbon element in quantum s/(2)Beliakova, Anna; Habiro, Kazuo
2019A checklist of pteridophytes colleted Cham Chu mountains and adjacent sitesPhan, Ke Loc; Vu, Thuy Duong; Nguyen, Cong Toan; Pham, Van The; Trinh, Ngoc Bon
2021A closed-from solution for a queueing model of energy efficient Ethernet linksDo, Van Tien; Rotter, Csaba
2021A CNN-based model for detecting website defacementsHoang, Xuan Dau; Nguyen, Trong Hung
2013A compact autonomous display in space using water dropsLê, Văn La; Phan, Định Duy; Võ, Thanh Xuyên
2014A comparative analysis of multitemporal MODIS EVI and NDVI datafor large-scale rice yield estimationSon, N.T.; Chen, C.F.; Chen, C.R.; Võ, Quang Minh; Nguyễn, Hiếu Trung
2020A comparative analysis of startups financing in VietnamNguyen, Thi Hanh
2019A comparison between Hydrochloric acid and Trifluoroacetic acid in hydrolysis method of exopolysaccharide from Ophiocordvceps sinensis in Monosaccharide composition analysis by GC-FIDLe, Thi Thuy Hang; Ha, Bao Chau; Tran, Van Hai Nam; Phan, Minh Thong; Dang, Hoang Phu; Dinh, Minh Hiep; Nguyen, Tien Thang
2018A comparison between the use of continuous and pore network approach in the simulation of the drying process of porous media with different pore size distributionsVu, Hong Thai; Metzger, Thomas; Tsotsas, Evangelos
2015A comparison of Asian aquaculture products using statistically supported LCAHenriksson, Patrik J. G.; Trần, Minh Phú; Đào, Minh Hải; Guinée, Jeroen B.; Bodegom, Peter M. van; Heijungs, Reinout; Snoo, Geert R. de; Kruijssen, Froukje; Haque, M. Mahfujul; Liu, Qigen; Liu, Liping; Murray, Francis J.; Little, David C.; Jaithiang, Jintana; Zhang, Zongfeng; Phan, Lam T.; Newton, Richard; Ahmad-Al-Nahid, Sk.; Zhang, Wenbo; Satapornvanit, Kriengkrai; Rico, Andreu
2019A comprehensive Analytical Conceptual Framework for Mango Supply Chain ExportLe, Nguyen Doan Khoi
2019A computational framework to analyze human genomesLe, Sy Vinh